It is a saying that no matter of exhaustive Marketing or Demand may help to sale our products, till the products stand on its QUALITY.  As you, often in your advt. Campaign you have stressed on your quality, which actually should be backed by a very dedicated vendors who support your thrive for the best.


Hence, realizing this important aspect, we highlight the procedure or our quality check.

  1. We assure that we have consistency on our Raw Material source viz. Low ash COAL & Chemical grade LIMESTONE . Which is drawing from our mines situated at Roopnagar, GOTAN and Manakpur, KHIWSER. Since these are mineral and thus humanly  impossible to check every pieces we, follow the random analysis method and also take pains to see that we get the same source of supply even though we end up paying its premium.
  2. Our skilled labours have mastered the Actual Art of Calcining Process in vertical shaft kiln, which actually is the core of our quality control; for this process has no formula but works on the human experiences, checks & maintaining the proper ratio of Limestone and Coal.
  3. Our most HEAVY DUTY HIGH POWER AND ULTRA MODERN Classifiers and MODERN Hydrator having Rotameter for proper Hydration plant has been designed adopting the most modern technology, coupled with our experience in manufacturing this products for which we have come long way through trial and errors., thereby we and have eliminated any mistakes in its designing and have derived its optimum level of operations.
A. Outstanding process capability for our products.


B. Uniformly high level of product quality


C. Flexible and punctual delivery